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For several decades, United Pentecostal Church International missionaries in French-speaking areas of the world have been working to provide translations of core apostolic resources in French. The revival of recent years in Quebec, Canada has accentuated the need for this material in North America as well.

In 2013, a meeting took place of representatives from French translating and publishing entities connected to the Global Missions and North American Missions departments of the UPCI: Africa Aflame, Éditions A.C.T.E., French Evangelism Ministries, French Summit, G.A.T.S., Global Missions, Purpose Institute and The King’s Translators. The goal of the meeting was to discuss how we could work together to provide discipleship, Sunday School and doctrinal resources for over 80,000 French-speaking UPCI constituents, as well as evangelistic materials to reach over 200 million Francophones.

And so, the French Literature Cooperative was birthed, with a vision of the wide propagation of apostolic French literature with a standard of excellence. This website was created to coordinate lists of translations in progress and to provide downloadable files for final translations, many of which will be available to the public. As well, preliminary translations are provided to other team members; sometimes the need for material is so great that it must be used before a meticulous revision process has been completed.

New materials will be added monthly. Materials not available to the public may be shared with any UPCI missionary. Other requests will be handled through the closest UPCI missionary. Please read the Copyright Info/Printing guidelines to be aware of your rights and responsibilities in using this material.


For more information about the French Literature Cooperative, to obtain a list of materials available or in progress, and to submit translations for distribution, contact:

Chairman: Jim Poitras

Jim Poitras has a BEd from the University of New Brunswick, a BA in Biblical Studies from Indiana Bible College, and is actively pursuing a MA in Ministerial Studies (Education Concentration) from Global University. Additionally, he has attended the United Pentecostal Church Bible Institute. His wife, Linda, is also an educator with a Bachelor's degree from Troy State University. Both have been extensively involved in missions and Bible School administration for more than thirty years.

Brother Poitras served as the President of the African Center for Theological Studies and Director of Christian Education for UPCI Ghana. He coordinated Africa's regional theological education program for five years until February 2007 when he was asked to serve as the Coordinator of the Global Association of Theological Studies.

His website is www.reachingthroughteaching.com.. He supervises several other websites and web-based projects for Global Missions. He talks, breathes, bleeds and lives Bible school education. His personal vision is found in 2 Timothy 2:2 – "And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."

The Poitrases served as career missionaries in Africa for twenty-eight years before becoming the Director of Education/AIM for Global Missions, UPCI, in January of 2012.

Secretary: Liane Grant

Liane Grant is an OTTIAQ Certified Translator, who formed The King's Translators in 2011, a group of over 20 volunteers working on apostolic translation projects into French. Liane holds an M.A. in Translation Studies and a B.A. in Translation from Concordia University. She also has a Ph.D. in Translation from Université de Montréal, and during  her research she created a quality assurance system for non-professional translation teams.

Her passion is to provide apostolic resources in the French language in keeping with Mark 13:10, "And the gospel must first be published among all nations." Liane offers consulting and training services to organizations who want to launch an in-house translation team: www.LianeRGrant.com/translation

Liane and her husband Scott are Career Church Planters in Quebec under the UPCI Metro Missions program. In 2010 they launched English and French Purpose Institute campuses in Montreal, now training over 70 students.

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